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"Dan Ferro has taught some of the most
important singers of the 20th Century"

Brian Zeger - The Juilliard School
The Metropolitan Opera

"Intensive study of vocal technique as applied to the literature for active singers"

ABC Gala Pictures

Daniel Ferro Was Honored at the Alexander & Buono Foundation's Seventh Annual Gala at Carnegie Hall in 2014

Daniel and Joy Ferro entering the Gala's dinner
at Carnegie Hall


Greetings from Barry Alexander
and Cosmo Buono


At the Gala's concert, Ricardo Hererra, a student of Maestro Ferro
and a member of the Vocal Faculty at the University of Illinois,
invited Joy Ferro to dance during his performance.

The ABC Gala Award


New York City's Mayor, Bill de Blasio
congratulates Daniel Ferro on his contributions
to the city's music community.
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President Joseph Polisi of Juilliard joins in
celebrating Daniel Ferro's many accomplishments.
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Joy, Daniel and Jesse Ferro, the Maestro's son,
proudly display the New York City Council's
Proclamation recognizing Daniel Ferro's
contributions to music and teaching.


Guests and Supporters of the Daniel Ferro Vocal Program
Joined in the Celebration at the Gala

"I think the whole evening was a beautiful tribute to Maestro Ferro's legacy.
I felt most honored to be a part of the Gala. The image of everyone standing
and clapping for Dan, as I saw him right in front of me in the front row,
will always stay with me."

Ricardo Herrera

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